Trying to control humidity and absorb moisture in your pharmaceutical or supplement finished products? Desiccants are essential in preserving and maintaining stability in finished products such as vitamins, supplements, tablets and capsules. Quadra has a full range of Dessicant products such as Dri-Cards®, Aroma Can® canisters, Silica Gel, Activated Carbon, and Bentonite Clay. Contact our experts for more info!


What do desiccants do?

Before healthcare products keep people safe, it’s necessary to keep the products themselves safe. Whether oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems or diagnostic and medical devices, many healthcare products are susceptible to degradation and stability issues. Quadra’s extensive line of moisture, oxygen and odor control technologies help provide security inside healthcare packaging.

Desiccants are used to keep products dry and stable, and are often incorporated into packaging for moisture-sensitive products. Protecting products from moisture, odor, and oxygen, they are essential in preserving and maintaining the potency, stability and shelf life of products, especially in the pharmaceutical and supplements markets. Silica gel, molecular sieves, and clay minerals are all common desiccating materials used in the pharmaceutical industry. They can be incorporated into sachets, canisters, cards, or even into bottle closures.

Canisters or Packets?

Quadra carries desiccants in both canister and packet/sachet forms.  Both are available with a wide variety of active fills including bentonite clay, silica gel, and molecular sieve.  Desiccants can also contain activated carbon which controls odor. Aroma Canister desiccants are essential in masking unpleasant odors which some ingredients can impart. Quadra offers Aroma Cans® in three scents: vanilla, orange, and citrus. They employ aroma technology that can give consumers a positive sensory experience when they open product packaging. Products such as fish oil tablets and herbal supplements often emit odors that are unpleasant or unappealing to end users. A favorable scent within the Aroma Can® can help mask unpleasant odors and enhance product appeal.

Desiccant Crystals and Sachets

Desiccant Types

Desiccant Bags for Bulk Protection: Desiccant bags protect bulk products from moisture during shipping and storage.  Desiccant bags come in two fills: silica gel or bentonite clay. The fill in desiccant bags are often measured in units (one unit of desiccant is equal to 26 grams of silica gel or 33 grams of bentonite clay).

Oxygen Absorbers: OxyFree® is an iron oxide based absorber in packet form which removes oxygen and carbon dioxide in a closed container. OxyFree® preserves food flavor, original color, freshness, and nutrition.  This product is available in cut packets and on reels.

Dri-Card® Desiccant

Desiccant packets or sachets can be difficult to see or separate from powdered products, such as nutrition powders.  Flat desiccants can often be easily positioned inside packaging to avoid interference by the customer, and are highly visible from the powdered product.

Dri-Card® is a flat shaped desiccant that is highly visible in powders. Perfect for sports nutrition products, herbal powders or any product that contains a scoop.

Dri-Card® is a calcium chloride based absorber which meets FDA regulations for contact with food and drugs.

Product Range

Quadra has a wide range of desiccants including:

  • Silica Gel
  • Activated Clay
  • Activated Carbon
  • Desiccant Canisters
  • Desiccant Capsules
  • Desiccant Packets
  • Desiccant Bags
  • Desiccant Tablets
  • Desiccant Stoppers and Closures
  • Desiccant Washers
  • Silica Gel – Carbon
  • Advanced Desiccant Polymer (ADP®) Dri-Cards®
  • Advanced Desiccant Polymer (ADP®) Plates
  • Advanced Desiccant Polymer (ADP®) Vials
  • Aroma Cans® Canisters & Packets (Odor Control)
  • Oxygen Absorbent Packets
  • Oxygen Absorbent Canisters
  • Oxygen Absorbent Bags
  • Oxy-Guard® Barrier Bottles
  • OxyFree®
  • Oxy-Guard® Barrier Bottles