Corporate Social Responsibility

Quadra takes Safety very seriously. It's an integral part of Quadra’s culture. It's our NUMBER ONE Core Value. At Quadra, Safety is everyone's business.


Occupational health and safety is consistently identified by all of Quadra’s stakeholders as the single most important priority for the organization. Quadra has an active Joint Health and Safety Committee at every facility, as well as a National Health and Safety Committee. Local committees meet each month after conducting monthly workplace inspections, the national committee meets quarterly.



Quadra aims to achieve the highest possible standards of sustainability through our operational activities and outreach to the broader community. To reach this objective, Quadra will continue to assess and improve the environmental impact of our operations, as well as our supply chain, social and employment practices. Quadra will maintain a Sustainability Task Force to address these matters.


Quality Standards

Quadra is committed to Continuous Improvement and Quality Management: We have various programs in place which enable us to be a specialized, effective and trusted partner.

  • For our customers: you can expect us to meet or exceed your expectations due to our commitment to a customer-driven philosophy
  • For our suppliers: we offer peace of mind with our programs that enable us to represent your organization with a high degree of excellence.
  • A national quality team is in place to ensure we employ one-company approach at all our facilities as relates to product, service and operational excellence.