Occupational health and safety is consistently identified by all of Quadra’s stakeholders as the single most important priority for the organization.

A Culture of Safety

Quadra aims to have a proactive safety culture.  There is a strong focus on ‘near miss’ reporting at each of Quadra’s facilities.  Quadra employees are encouraged to report near misses under Quadra’s ‘no blame culture’. Quadra also measures other proactive leading indicators of Health & Safety performance.

Occupational health and safety is consistently identified by all of Quadra’s stakeholders as the single most important priority for the organization. Quadra has an active Joint Health and Safety Committee at every facility, as well as a National Health and Safety Committee. Local committees meet each month after conducting monthly workplace inspections, the national committee meets quarterly.

A series of activities have been organized to inform employees of health and safety topics specific to the Quadra workplace. Examples include presentations on ergonomics, stress management, safe driving, identifying near misses in the workplace and safe use of fire extinguishers. Quadra also celebrates an Annual National Safety Day to recognize and celebrate safety excellence.

Safety Committee

At Quadra approximately 1 in 5 employees currently participate in either the local Joint Health and Safety Committees or the National Safety Steering Committee. These employees are directly involved in determining the safety procedures and policies in the company. The Joint Health and Safety Committee at each branch regularly organize Safety ‘Lunch and Learns’ for staff. Employees receive external safety training and are encouraged to attend safety conferences and tradeshows. Employees have access to online safety webinars and online training. This training is readily accessible to all staff based on interest and their role in the safety management within the company.  Quadra’s safety culture encourages all employees to actively participate in the company’s safety effort.

Safety messages and reminders are regularly communicated with employees. The Regional Operations Managers at each Quadra facility sends emails concerning specific safety topics to all employees on a regular basis. In addition, the operations staff participate in a ‘Toolbox Talks’ series that aims to discuss and resolve operational safety issues affecting each branch. There is an annual safety incentive available to all operations staff, which is presented during our National Safety Day.

Safety is a Primary Concern at Quadra

Safety performance is directly linked to the employee’s annual goals. Furthermore, employees are sent a summary of Quadra Environmental Health and Safety stats for each facility on a quarterly basis by the Regulatory Affairs Manager.  Each Leadership Team Update, Regional Update, and National Sales Meeting presentation opens with communicating Quadra’s safety statistics and emphasizes Quadra’s safety core values.  Safety is the number one topic discussed in presentations with Quadra customers and suppliers.